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I'd call you a genius but I'm in the room

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Thought I'd post here as it has been really quiet and I like this place.

Starting on Sunday night with Peter J Hammond being a busy boy, his episodes of Torchwood and Midsomer Murders being shown in parallel on ITV and BBC HD/Three. Watching MM at the moment, so I'll report back in a bit. Torchwood I adore but I have issues with PJH's episode, as all of my flist know!

Two highlights of Friday night - HIGNFY and Jonathan Ross. I don't do chat shows, but John Barrowman on Jonathan Ross was one of the best interviews I've ever seen. And HIGNFY was wonderful as usual.

Spooks last night - the finale - was a bit of a let-down I thought. Not the drama and trauma we had this time last year.

In other television news, Buzzcocks is back this week or next, with Mr Barrowman on Nov 23rd so that should be brilliant :-) There's a Midsomer Murders documentary tonight - 9pm, ITV3 - including interviews with Daniel Casey looking scrummy in the trailers.
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