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A television evening

I spent all yesterday evening watching television which is so unusual for me that I thought I'd better post about it.

It started with The Accidental Angler while I was cooking/eating dinner. This guy out in Brazil was using a fishing trip as the excuse to meet and film river communities and wildlife in the Amazon basin. Fascinating.

Then C made coffee and we watched Planet Earth - shallow seas - fish, whales, seals, penguins etc. Absolutely beautiful but so soothing we both kept almost falling asleep...

Torchwood. Well, yes, of course. (And definitely no sleeping during that!)

Then BBC Electric Proms had The Who at the Roundhouse. I remembered how much I'd always adored Roger Daltrey, and to my surprise and delight he was just as gorgeous as ever.

By which time I was tired and went to bed.
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