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Somehow one night of TV = a whole entry

Has anyone been watchign The Innocence Project? I keep forgetting. Is it any good?

Last night:

Peter Wingfield was on Holby City!!!! It’s so difficult to watch stuff with my parents because I have to watch the huge amounts of SQUEE!

So I watched the Tsunami thing, and it was a veritable feast of OIHs. And Cheweitel Edjifor (HELLO, and also I've spelt his damn name wrong, I'm sure) and Sophie Okenedo (yay!). And I failed to be that emotionally involved, somehow. It just seemed a bit...flat.

Also, random Kate Ashfield. Where did she come from?

I watched Torchwood on BBC 3 because I am apparently a glutton for punishment. People who don’t like it – and there are more of us every day, we’re like a secret organisation outside of the government or someth...

Oh. wait.

Well, it’s not going to change your mind. Spoilery comments below, but first, a point I feel needs making:

ALRIGHT, LOOK. I’ve kept this quiet for seven weeks, but fuck it. I might sound insane here (look, whoever said ‘what else is new?’ can stop sniggering at the back), but when Captain Boring is doing that announcement about how shiny Torchwood is, HE’S SAYING IT OVER THE BEGINNING OF THE TOP GEAR MUSIC. It might only be the music on the end credits (I can’t remember the beginning music), but still. Every single time my brain goes ‘yay, Top Gear! Oh, no, wait, is this crap’.

Some of the script was good, but tbh for every good line there are five bad ones.

And possibly talking about the magic mind-reading pendant loudly in a bar may not be a good idea, even if you do have an ulterior motive…

Oh, God, Ianto. Yes, I am easy. Give me a posh-looking boy in a suit with lots of angst and I’ll play for hours…

Poor Tosh. And yes, I know, the gay is far too obvious and all, but when it’s someone as hot as Daniela Danby-Ashe with that hair, I can stop caring. Briefly.

And I really don’t think I buy that Tosh would be that into Owen, because, um, even before he read her thoughts he was a twat who was always borderline insulting to her. And I may have mentioned before how this ‘women love a bad boy’ cliché pisses me off SO MUCH.

Ahahahaha ‘Amanda Burton here has just finished the post mortem’. On the one hand, Gwen baiting Owen was funny, but on the other hand, I really am not remotely interested in them.

Like Jack would be talking to the PM. As if.

How predictable is this show? Just…oh, nothing was new.

I love the way Tosh’s hair got less neat as the episode went on.

Why was Tosh fucking apologising for Owen being a cunt? And oh God, Gwen, fuck off, seriously. ‘This should be my wake up call’ blah blah I DON’T CARE. At least have the guts to dump your boyfriend before shagging Owen again.

Hahahahaha, she couldn’t read his mind. Not because he’s dead, but because THERE’S NOTHING IN THERE!

Ianto had about five lines this episode. Serioiusly. Wouldn’t have minded if Gwen and Owen were similarly ill-used, but alas, no.

What would be good now is an episode where no attention is paid to Gwen and Owen, and Captain Jack tones it down a bit, and Ianto and Tosh go off and look at some books and solve it all like Ruth. And my God, I can never stop referring to Spooks, can I?
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