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TV Update

Dear BBC,

Five Days is ace. Your scheduling of it? Not so good. Seriously, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday…and Thursday? GAH.

Must Try Harder,


In other news, this community has been sadly neglected, I know. I will be making more of an effort. Things in brief:

This series of WTD is so confusing, I think the writers must be having some kind of competition to outdo each other with the extra plot twists…

LOM is being advertised all over the shop. Unfortunately thanks to SFX I am now looking forward to it even less than before… because Marc Warren’s going to be in it. Shite. Why couldn’t it have been Robert Glenister? How cool would that have been?

I will probably still watch it though.

I’m way behind on Trial and Retribution, is it any good this series?

I’m quite looking forward to Primeval, in the way that I was quite looking forward to Robin Hood and Torchwood, so it’ll probably be shite. Damn.

New series of Never mind the Buzzcocks tonight! Is the first episode the one where Preston walks out?

Mock the Week is excellent as ever.

Peter Wingfield. Holby City. Yay.

Hollyoaks is mostly rubbish, although Max and OB are back together and hopefully Craig will realise he’s gay and get together with John-Paul and the squee factor will go through the roof. And hopefully a deadly virus/another fire/aliens will kill Sonny, Justin, Darren and Warren. and perhaps one day I will get a life and stop watching. Ha.

Rough Diamond looks like total Sunday night TV.

Hm, I can’t think of any other UK stuff I’m watching right now. Although I was thinking this morning that it would be really cool to have a UK version of Jericho (for those who don’t know, it’s a show about a small town that gets cut off when there are a load of nuclear explosions across the US), so here’s a question: what international show would you like to see remade in the UK? What would you change and what would you keep the same?
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