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Slightly late on a couple of these, quelle surprise.

New Street Law started on Wednesday, and yay. The least likely bunch of lawyers in existence (much like the Conmen With a Conscience in Hustle), and somehow it’s still a good show. Mainly because you can sit there shouting ‘oh, as if!’ the whole time. And I do love John Hannah. And I like the equality of the scripts, if that makes any sense. Everyone gets stuff to do.

Kombat Opera Presents looks like good fun, as the formula seems to be [big TV show] + [singing] + [dancing] + [random non-singing famous people] = [Opera!]. And I am a massive fan of song and dance routines, so I’m looking forward to it. And MTW people, I think I saw Hugh Dennis in the trailer…

I managed to miss both the new series of Dead Ringers and Fear, Stress and Anger last night as I was catching up on, um, something completely unmemorable, obviously, as I have no idea what I watched. Oh, wait, it was Hotel Babylon. Right, next week I have to remember to watch the comedy stuff instead, because it doesn’t look like they’re repeated.

I had a quick watch of the new Graham Norton show, and it looks like it’s more going back to So Graham Norton, which is a good thing *g*.

The Reichenbach Falls is going to be on BBC4, and it’s ‘based on an original idea by Ian Rankin’, it says here, but the reason it looks particularly good is that Laura Fraser and Alec Newman are in it. Alec Newman was in one episode of Spooks last series, and he was so good that if he doesn’t come back in series 6, I may cry.

Also, thanks to a picture on the RT website, I now know that Toby Stephens is playing General Custer in some Wild West programme tonight. Hm...

Anything I've missed?
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