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Moving Beach, Echo Wallpaper?

restarting this community for 2008, because there's some ace TV coming up. Suprisingly, quite a lot of it is on ITV.

Moving Wallpaper/Echo Beach
My friend Claire emailed me about this show/these shows six months ago, and I have been looking forward to it since then. 

The above sentence does not adequately convey my excitement, because I took out the exclamation marks to save your eyes.
Echo Beach is a fairly straight soap, with Jason Donavon (apparently being English) and Martine McCutcheon playing ex-lovers in Cornwall, and a bunch of attractive young people and randomly, Hugo Speer. That on it’s own isn’t enough to get me excited (those of you who know my normal viewing habits can stop laughing right now).
HOWEVER. Moving Wallpaper is a show set behind the scenes of a fictional production company making Echo Beach. Ben Miller is the executive in charge, and various people from the soap turn up playing themselves and angling for better storylines etc.
Two shows, in two different genres, both of which would probably be a bit rubbish on their own, but which will (hopefully) be ace together.
Somehow, ITV have come up with some fantastic new concept. Hopefully they won’t screw it up.
Also this week on ITV, we have Honest, about a criminal family going straight, which was actually on last night because I am late posting (also I missed it - anyone see it?) and the new series of Primeval, which I said the following about on my lj (spoilers):

The new series of Primeval sounds like the best thing ever, for the following reasons (nicked from Tube Talk on Digitalspy):

> The plot carries on in the alternate timeline from the last episode of series 1 (i.e. no Claudia).
> In the new version of the present day, the team works for Lester at a hi-tech operations base known as the Anomaly Research Centre (aka 'ARC'). Lester has a new second in command - oily assistant Oliver Leek.
(this is doubly good because with this and Moving Wallpaper, there will be lots of Ben Miller, woo!)
> Helen is still a bitch (alright, maybe this isn’t such a good thing, but yay for consistent characterisation).
> Connor gets a girlfriend ^_^
“Caroline Steel (Naomi Bentley), a "feisty, attractive 20-something", sets her sights on Connor and makes sure she gets her man. But there may be more to her than meets the eye... can anyone say "ulterior motive"?”
> There is still unfinished business between Nick and Stephen, as Nick now knows that Stephen had an affair with Helen. 

The first time I read that spoiler, I thought it mentioned Nick’s relationship with Stephen, and I thought they were going to be together in this timeline. You can probably imagine the squee (until I reread it). Still, I might hold on to the idea for fic when the series starts…

and finally, possibly the best thing I have read since Peter Firth said that Harry and Ruth should retire to run a tea shop in Devon*:

> “Claudia Brown may be gone, but the actress who plays her is still on the cast for series two. I won't give too much away but she plays an entirely new character this time round, one which is a million miles away from her sappy former alter ego.”

Now, I quite liked Claudia, but OMG. An entirely new character. How ace will that be? 

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